The colourful Temples of Bangkok

BangkokWhere: Thailand: Bangkok: “Wat Phra Kaew” (Temple of the emerald Buddha): Na Phra Lan Road

When: All year around, maybe avoid really rainy days during the rainy season.

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Get there: Depending on where you staying the taxi ferry-boat “Chao Phraya Express” (stop Tha Chang) might be the easiest choice. There are also buses going there but you can also always take a taxi.

Price: To go in you have to pay 400 Baht (around 10 Euro or 12 USD). I believe it costs extra if you want to do a guided tour, but I’m not 100% sure anymore. However since those buildings are truly impressive I believe the price is justified.

IMG_6618Do: Dress the right way. Since you’re entering religious ground, showing too much skin is not allowed. Wear long pants, closed shoes and have your shoulders covered. You will have to rent clothes to get in if you don’t dress like that. Also act respectfully. Take off your shoes before entering a temple and don’t let your feet pint towards Buddha. I just observed how Thai people were acting and did the same as them to avoid any mistakes.


My tip: Go there early! They open at 08:30 and you shouldn’t be a lot later then that. It gets very very hot around noon so you want to be finish by then. Also the temples close early (3:30pm) and you want to take your time to explore everything. Also I believe that its better to visit on a sunny day. The colours reflect beautifully with the sun and the blue sky and it just looks amazing!



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