Cocktails with Akropolis-View in Athens

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Where: Greece: Athens: Monastiraki:”360 Degrees”: Ifaistou 2

When: All year around, they’re open from morning till late. My favourite time to go is between May and September in the evenings when its dark but still warm enough to sit outside. I just love the view during night-time.

Drink: This is a great place for cocktails. They taste delicious and they have a large cocktail menu so there is something for every taste.

Eat: 360 Degrees has many levels. So if you are hungry they have a restaurant underneath the bar and its supposed to be very good. However I’ve never eaten there so far (but hoping to do so on my next Athens visit).

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Price: It’s not the cheapest since they do good cocktails. But it’s not unreasonable expensive, especially if you think about the beautiful view you’re having.

Do: Sit outside. In my opinion it’s so much nicer having the sky above you and the best possible view on the remains of ancient Greece. If you’re not a large group and go there early in the evening you will be able to find a seat on the rooftop.

My tip: Ask the barman for help. If they have time they will gladly assist you with finding the perfect Cocktail for you. Just tell them what tastes and spirits you like and they will come up with delicious drinks. I did it and wasn’t disappointed.

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