From Coogee to Bondi: The Coastal Walk in Sydney

Gordons Bay

Where: Australia: Sydney: “Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk”

When: During summer time, sometime between December and February.

Coogee Beach

Get there: Depending on where you are staying in Sydney. There are many buses from the city center that get you to Bondi or Coogee. If you start at Bondi, just go right (facing the ocean) and follow the coast. From Coogee do the same thing but to the left. After that follow the little path next to the ocean and you can not get lost…

Gordons Bay    Gordons BayPrice: Entering the beaches and the walk is for free.

Coastal Walk cementaryDo: Wear plenty of sunscreen. Even when its cloudy Australia’s sun is very strong. So if you do the entire walk you should wear a hat and protect yourself from the sun. Keep in mind that the entire walk is 6 km (about 3 miles) so if you’re stopping over in many beaches you will be exposed to the sun for a long time.

Coastal Walk

My tip: Gordons Bay (first picture). Since I was born and raised in the Med, the Australian beaches were quite intimidating for me. I wasn’t used to waves that big and also the idea of sharks being in the water stopped me from going in too deep and having a nice long swim. I was happy in Sydney to find Gordons Bay. The water is clear and shallow and the Bay is very small and protected from waves. This is the perfect spot for having a good swim. Also there are no surfers there so you don’t have to watch out for them when swimming. You can also do some snorkeling as there are many interesting things to see for example small sting rays.

Bondi Beach

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