The old Boat-Bars of Thessaloniki

DSC_5099Where: Greece: Thessaloniki: At the beachfront of the white tower

When: Between April and September. The best time to go is right before sunset… Check which ship is departing when (they have the information before you enter) so you don’t miss out at the ride around the harbour. Most ships have one ride every 1,5 hours and they take turns.

DSC_5081Drink: The have all sorts of different things… I always like drinking a beer whilst watching the sunset.

Eat: On most boats (there are about 4 different ones) they give you a snack like chips or nuts for free with your drinks. But they don’t have food so you shouldn’t go there with an empty stomach.

Samstag 12.5.07 004

Price: They are a little bit more expensive then the average bar in Thessaloniki (last time I was there it was like 5 Euro a beer)… However you get snacks and also a ride around the bay of the city for free so it makes up for it.


Do: Go there at least 30 minutes before the boat departs. Especially at sunset the boat will get very crowded before it takes off and you want to have a good seat. In some boats you can even sit at the front and have a panoramic view. But the nice seats are always taken first…

My tip: Listen to the music before you get on. They have different themes… There is one very colourful reggae boat… One with rock music… and also one with popular music… So make sure you’ll chose the one you like most…



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