The white houses of Naxos

NaxosWhere: Greece: Cyclades islands: Naxos: Main village

When: Sometime between Mai and end of September.

naxos   Cat sleeping in NaxosGet there: Very easy via Boat from Athens and many other Greek Islands. Naxos is the biggest of the Cyclades Islands so the connections are very good. It also has an airport with domestic and european flights.

Price: Naxos is not the cheapest island, but definitely cheaper than the most famous ones like Santorini or Mykonos.


Do: Have a walk in the little alleys of the village and admire the beautiful white houses. Also go to the “Pyli” (gate). It’s on the little island in front of the city, but there is a walkway so you can just walk there. There is an ancient gate and other old ruins you can see and its also a very nice view on the town itself.

???????????????????????????????    ???????????????????????????????My tip: Do you like wind- or kite surfing? Or do you want to learn? Then this is the island for you. There are a couple of places you can take lessons and the wind is great during windy season. Or just go to Mikri Vigla beach and admire the people doing it.


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