Drinks in the old town of Antibes

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Where: France: Cote d’Azur: Antibes: Drinkers Club

When: The best time to go is Spring or Summer, but they are open all year around. In the winter you can still sit outside thanks to heaters.

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Drink: They pretty much have everything… They do pretty good Cocktails. Especially the Mojito is really well made. But you can also stick with beer or other spirits.

Eat: They do little Pizzas for the hungry. They have three different kinds (one meat, one fish and one vegetarian), but it’s really more a snack to share with others whilst having a drink then a proper meal so I suggest you eat before you go.

Price: There are no cheap places at the Cote d’Azur. They pretty much follow the standard prices of the area so I can’t call them expensive. Around 6 Euros will get you a pint, Cocktails are around 8-10 Euros.

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Do: Sit outside. You’ll have a nice view on the old city and the people walking by. The inside is cosy but not nearly as good. The waiters do a great job and serve at the tables. But it can get full in the weekends (or every day in summer time) so being there early is advisable.

My tip: A Cocktail named “voodoo child”. It’s not on the menu and they only make it on certain days (when a specific barkeeper is working) but it’s so delicious. Made with Hendricks, Ginger Ale, Angostura, Mint and Limes (Those are the ingredients I figured out so far) it’s a great refreshing summer drink (it even looks great).

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Click here if you want to find more places to eat or have drinks in and around Antibes.




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