The colourful houses of Cape Town

DSC_1430Where: South Africa: Cape Town: “Bo Kaap”

When: Anytime it’s not raining or it’s not too hot.

DSC_1454Get there: Well if you have a car you can just drive up the hill… If not why not walk. Going up is a pretty good exercise.

Price: Its free.

DSC_1428Do: Combine it with a hike to Signal Hill. The area is at the beginning and if you continue going up you will have an amazing view over the city (on the one side) and over the beaches (on the other)

My tip: Have some food. Bo Kaap is mainly home of Cape Towns Moslem community. You will find a couple of shops that sell amazing food! Don’t miss out on that.



Click if you would like to find out more about places to see in Capetown, or where you can have food or drinks




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