Wine and Cinema in Bremen

handybilder 2594   handybilder 2595Where: Germany: Bremen: “Schauburg” Cinema: Vor dem Steintor 114

When: Anytime you want to watch a movie… Or just want to have a drink. This Cinema is also a very nice and cosy Bar. You can sit outside or upstairs both ways you’ll have a great view of the street.

Price: They have wine in every price category for you to choose. The other drinks are quite cheap. For movies they have the regular prices.

Drink: They have a large wine list so I would suggest that. If you want to go alcohol free then have a “Fritz Cola”, a local version of Coca Cola.

handybilder 2593Do: Explore the area. You are at the most alternative (some would say cool) part of the city. Find little shops and other interesting Bars and Restaurants. There is so much to see.

My tip: The sneak preview. It’s every Monday. You pay a reduced price but you don’t know what movie you’re going to see. It can be so much fun, even if the movie isn’t that great people will still have fun. However its wise to make a reservation for that since it gets booked out pretty quick. You’ll have to be there earlier to pick up the tickets but the bar is so nice you will go early to have a drink anyway.

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