The old town of Split


Where: Croatia: Split: Old Town

When:  I would say June or September… Not too many people but warm


Get there: If you’re staying outside the city center take a bus… Otherwise you can just walk to it…

Price: Its free being there… But getting food or drinks can be expensive.


Do: Not miss the markets around the city walls! Lovely to see and you can also get cheap fruits, veg or even clothes….

My tip: Wake up early… The masses of people can get annoying… and taking pictures without anyone in it is gonna be very difficult.





  1. My first time to Croatia in 2007, I took a bus to Split. For whatever reason, I instantly decided I didn’t like it and left 20 minutes later on another bus. That decision turned out OK because I loved where I ended up (Trogir).
    In 2008 I decided to give Split another chance, and loved it. I was there in April. Hardly any tourists. I was there only 2 nights but would have happily spent a couple more.

      1. I hope someday to return to Croatia in September. Warm weather and water, but fewer tourists. It is a marvelous country.

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