The breathtaking Fjords of Norway


Where: Norway: Hardangerfjord, Naeroyfjord, Aurlandsfjord

When: If you want to do activities like hiking you should go between mid June and August. I was there end of June and still saw a lot of snow at my hikes up the mountains…


Get there: If you don’t have your own car, there are many possibilities. There are special round trip programs (Norway on a shoestring) etc. that take you to different Fjords with train and busses. Also you can go from place to place by boat.

Price: Doing hikes is for free… but everything else is very very expensive (like everything in Norway)

DSC_3623     DSC_3676

Do: Camp if you can. In Norway you are allowed to camp in Nature anywhere you want… However unfortunately that does not work if you have a car cause you wont be allowed to park anywhere. But if you feel active you can get around with bikes or even better rent kajaks and drive on the Fjords.

My tip: Pack winter clothes… The local people will walk around in T-shirts and shorts and go for a swim when its cloudy and only 12 degrees… But if you’re not one of them (and you’re not from Canada) you will be very cold all the time… Even in summer…At least I was.


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