The surfing beaches of Bali


Where: Indonesia: Bali: Bukit: Balangan Beach, Bingin Beach, Padang Padang Beach, Ulu Watu Beach

When: Its warm all year around… But if you want to surf during the of the raining season (Octobert-March) there is often no swell on those beaches (west coast of Bukit). However I was there in October and the swell was big.


Get there: You can get to Bukit easily with a taxi from the airport… If you stay on one of those beaches you can rent a scooter and drive from one to another. However due to the road system the distances are much much further then you think by looking at the map (don’t think “Oh its only the next beach I could walk there” trust me you can’t) and its easy to get a lil lost on your search to the next beach.

Price: Bali is already cheap but those beaches are especially cheap. Food, Drinks and even Accommodation costs very very little. The Prices on surfing depends weather you want to rent just a board or do surf lessons.


Do: Well try surfing… but beware a lot of those beaches aren’t for beginners! Do not attempt the Ulu Watu wave if you’re not good (to get back on the beach you have to avoid rocks, the reef and surf right into a cave). Start with Padang Padang (very easy) and then go on to Balangan and work your way up from there.


My tip: If you want the cheapest accommodation don’t book in advance. Go to one of those beaches and ask the owners of the little wooden cafes and restaurant for a room. It costs almost nothing… But also has almost nothing… you’ll have to live with a mattress and shared toilet and shower.


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