Best Cocktails in Santorini

Santorini palea kameni

Where: Greece: Santorini: Fira: Palea Kameni Cocktail Bar: Ipapantis Street

When: Summer season… They open in April and go until end September-Oktober. Go when its still daytime so you can enjoy the stunning view.

Drink: Cocktails! They are definitely one of the best Cocktail Bars in Santorini… They use only fresh ingredients and make all juices from fresh fruit… Its a huge difference and you can definitely taste it! One of my favourites was the frozen daiquiri but try and find out what you like best…

Santorini palea kameni 3

Price: Yes they are expensive… However being on the island for a couple of days and trying lots of different bars I realised that its worth it… In the other bars you will pay about the same (maybe a tiny bit cheaper) and you will get a cocktail made out of cheap spirits (leading to lots of headache) and not very tasty. In Palea Kameni you’ll get good quality and absolutely delicious drinks! Per cocktail I paid between 12-14 Euros but I enjoyed it…

My tip: Go there for the sunset! It is definitely one of the best in the world… Most people will be going to Oia for that, standing and holding a good spot for hours… Getting pushed by other sunset lovers… In Palea Kameni Bar you will have your seat, your drink and can enjoy a beautiful sunset with peace and quiet. Sometimes they even have live musik.

Do: Get there on time. If you go 30 min before sunset you popably wont find a seat… However 1,5 hours before the terrasse will most likely be almost empty (depending on the month you’re there… High season between June-August is very very crowded).

santorini palea kameni1

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