Breakfast in Bremen

Bremen piano fruehstueck

Where: Germany: Bremen: Piano: Fehrfeld 64

When: At breakfast time all year around. They open at 9 and serve breakfast until 4! (saturday and sunday even until 5). The inside is nice and cosy in the winter. The outside area beautiful in the summer.

Drink: Hot drinks… They have a large variety of coffies, teas and hot chocolate… And many different kinds and sizes. Like it sweet? Try the hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Eat: Breakfast! Yes they also serve other kinds of food… But the breakfast is a must. Select between many many different kinds (frensh, dutch, german) and get a huge plate with toppings to put on delicious rolls (german bread is famous for a reason). You are more into the english kind of food? No problem, they also serve different kinds of english breakfast (eggs, bacon etc).

Price: Cheap indeed… The smallest breakfast starts at about 5 and goes up to 10 Euros. There is also a breakfast for 2 (18 Euros). Many breakfasts include a glass of orange juice or sparkling wine… Coffie is not included.

My tip: Reserve on weekends! Especially if you’re more then 2 people the chances of finding a table on a sunday morning are slim. When its warm in the summer finding a table outside will be difficult too…

Do: Extra toppings… Something you want is not included in your favourite breakfast? No problem they have a list with extra toppings and prices for them that you can order… Also if you are a vegetarian ask to get the meets replaced with different types of cheeses and spreads…

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