Sushi in Cape Town

Where: South Africa: Cape Town: Waterfront: Harbour House: Quay 4

When: Its warm enough to sit outside… Between November and April

Drink: I love sparkling wine with Sushi. Its nice and light and doesn’t destroy the taste of my meal. My favourite in South Africa is always the Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose. But They have also delicious looking Cocktails that you can try.


Eat: The Sushi! They have a large and delicious selection… I don’t know why but the Sushi I had in South Africa was always so much better then the one I’m used to in Europe. They really know how to do it. However they also have a large selection of Seafood if you’re not in the mood for it. They also do Breakfast and Brunch if you want to go there early…

Price: Great value for what you’re getting. Cape Town is always good when you come from abroad… The food and view are worth the price.


My tip: Sit upstairs and don’t sit on the sofas… They have a large downstairs area however I really enjoyed the view from upstairs. Also you have a distance from the busy life on the street and you can enjoy your meal in peace. They have sofas in the middle but also a type of bar on the railing that I loved. You’ll have enough space for your plates and drinks and nobody will get in your way or stand in front of you… Great for people watching!

Do: Get a blanket! There is a good possibility that you’ll get cold after the sun sets (I did). But the waitors are very helpful and will have a blanket for you if you ask them.



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