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Do it Yourself: Cheese Plate at the Cote d’Azur

   Where: France: Cote d’Azur: Antibes: Beach When: On a sunny day in spring or autumn. Or in the shade during summertime. Eat: As a traveller money can be rare sometimes. However you still want to experience local and typical foods for the … Continue reading

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Burger at the Waterfront of Bremen

Where: Germany: Bremen: Schlachte Area: “Luv”: Schlachte 15 When: In summer when the sun is shining. Germany and especially the northern part is so unpredictable. A nice sunny day can happen anytime between May and September but there is no guarantee. Drink: They … Continue reading

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Indonesian Food at Puncak Pass (Java)

Where: Indonesia: Java: Puncak Pass When: It is about the same temperature all year around… The difference is between raining and dry season… I actually enjoyed going there at the beginning of raining season. It was hot but not too sunny and … Continue reading

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Sushi in Boats in Hamburg

Where: Germany: Hamburg: St. Pauli: “EAST”: Simon von Utrecht Str.31 When: All year around. They’re open all day and you can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. However for me it was more a dinner atmosphere, since the Restaurant also has a … Continue reading

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Steak and more in Bremen

Where: Germany: Bremen: “Bandonion”: Gertrudenstr. 37 When: Any season, but only for dinner. The place opens at 18, kitchen stays open until 22:30 (Monday-Thursday), 23 (Friday, Saturday) and 22 (on Sundays) Drink: They are definitely a wine restaurant. Under every food categorie you … Continue reading

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Sushi in Cape Town

Where: South Africa: Cape Town: Waterfront: Harbour House: Quay 4 When: Its warm enough to sit outside… Between November and April Drink: I love sparkling wine with Sushi. Its nice and light and doesn’t destroy the taste of my meal. My favourite in … Continue reading

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Greek Snacks in the heart of Athens

Where: Greece: Athens: Plaka: “Υασεμί (Yasemi)”: 23 Mnisikleous When: Open all year around its a lovely place inside and outside… However since I just love the atmosphere outside I would go in spring or autumm, or if you’re resistent to the heat … Continue reading

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