Steak and more in Bremen

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Where: Germany: Bremen: “Bandonion”: Gertrudenstr. 37

When: Any season, but only for dinner. The place opens at 18, kitchen stays open until 22:30 (Monday-Thursday), 23 (Friday, Saturday) and 22 (on Sundays)

Drink: They are definitely a wine restaurant. Under every food categorie you will find wine recommendations for specific dishes or just ask the waitors. Also they have choices per glass, half a liter, 0,75 or 1 liter depending on the wine. 

Eat: Lots and lots of meat… They have a refreshing mixture of mediterainean dishes and german kitchen. And they combine it very well. Have some antipasti, olives and garlic bread as starters and then switch to steak, lamb or schnitzel. They have also have  a fish selection and some vegetarian dishes, however I have never tried those. Also check out the dishes of the day. They are seasonal things and are written on the black board.

handybilder 3118Price: For the food is really good. They make everything fresh but still don’t overprice it, the wine however (depending on which one you order) can be more expensice.

My tip: If you want to have your dinner between 8 and 9 you should book a table, cause it gets very very full later on. If you don’t mind waiting you can have a drink at the bar first, the staff is really friendly and makes you feel welcome and comfortable. If you go at around 7 (like I mostly do) the chances are good that it will be empty and you can choose a seat.

Do: Have a look at the paintings. The restaurant also functions as a gallery and displays artwork of different artists. If you see something you’re interested in ask the waitors about it. It might be for sale…

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