The tropical beaches of Railay

IMG_6894Where: Thailand: Krabi: Railay Beach

When: Anytime, unless the raining season is full on. I was there in October and it was amazing and quiet

IMG_6955Get there: It is not an island, however you can only get there by boat. There are daily departures from Krabi its very easy to find.

IMG_6921Price: If you don’t get there in full season its very cheap. Especially on the East side or at Tonsai Beach you can even get a Bungalow for 5 Euros per Person. The west side is more expensive to stay but it only takes a view minutes to walk from one side to the other if you don’t want to spent a lot of money

IMG_6938Do: This is a place for sports. Rent kayaks or go climbing. In fact it is a perfect sport or climbers. Or take a boat and go around the other little islands in the area, it is a beautiful experience. In the evening there are plenty of restaurants and bars to relax.

IMG_6898My tip: Go to the hidden lagoon. It starts as an easy hike but gets a little bit more difficult in the end. However if you make it you are rewarded with a hidden place in the middle of the jungle its beautiful. But go when the tide is high so there will be enough water to swim. (And beware of snakes… I don’t know if they are poisonous but we saw one…)

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