Mulled Wine at German Christmas Markets

German ChristmasmarketWhere: Germany: Pretty much every city or town or even little villages: At Christmas Markets: My Pictures are all taken at the Christmas Market of Bremen

When: At Christmas time of course. Most Markets open at the 1. of December or the weekend before December and keep running until the 24 or 25 of December. After that you will most likely be sick of any kind of hot wine anyway…

Drink: Well Mulled wine of course. Germany is so cold but the germans are brave and love the cold. Most markets will be outside so besides a thick layer of clothes you will need something else to keep you warm. The hot wine comes in all different kinds, red or white, with or without rum or amaretto, or sometimes in many different flavours (apple, raspberry, strawberry etc etc). Sometimes you can also find alcohol free… It will definitely keep you warm.

Christmas Market BremenPrice: It is more expensive than going to a bar but it’s definitely worth a try. Price always depends on the city too as well as the kind of mulled wine. Keep also in mind that most of the time you will have to pay a deposit for the glass. They are very popular and disappear quickly so the owners try to protect them. You’ll get the money when you return the mug.

Do: Keep standing. Not only because sitting down you’ll get very cold very quick, but also because you’ll feel how much you drink. This drink is very strong and you most likely will feel it after one or two. Also have food with it… but at a German Christmas Market it’s nearly impossible not to try all the delicious flavours around you anyway…

My tip: The lovely drink named “FEUERZANGENBOWLE”. Nearly impossible to pronounce for everyone who isn’t german but very delicious nonetheless. It is mulled wine with a rum soaked sugarloaf lit above it. But beware this is one of the stronger ones…


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