Sushi in Amsterdam


sushi amsterdam

Where: Netherlands: Amsterdam: Tomo Sushi: Rembrandtplein:  Reguliersdwarsstraat 131

When: All year

Drink: Personally I love some sparkling wine with Sushi… Its not too expensive and tastes great. If you dont mind spending more go for the Champagne.

Eat: Sushi of course. The tourist area seems like a turn-off at first, but as soon as you enter Tomo Sushi you´re positively suprised. Its a small place with very good service. One of the best Sushi I had in Europe, so if you visit Amsterdam and are a Sushi lover you should go have a look.

Price: Not the cheapest but good Sushi always has a price. Its a good price for the quality you will get.

My Tip: Book a table! Its such a small place so it gets full very quickly… You can easily do it online, for example over Tripadvisor… No waiting for a table espacially on the weekend…:)

Do: Have dinner there and then have a look at all the Bars and Nightclubs in the area.

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