Refreshing drinks in Bremen

bremen blaubeerspritz

Where: Germany: Bremen: Maerz: Sielwall 29

When: All year… However I absolutely love the summer outside area between Mai and September… (But in rainy Bremen you never know if you can sit outside)

Drink: My favourite drink is the “Blaubeerspritz”. A mixtoure of white wine, sparkling water, limes, mint, blueberry sirup and fruit… Absolutely delicious but very sweet. If that isn’t for you try the “Aperol sour”. Its made with fresh juice and its amazing!

My Tip: Go early! If its a warm summer day the outside area will get very very full by 8-9… The bar opens at 6, so if you want to enjoy the ambiente outside go there at around 7… There is also many many bars in this area that you can explore later on.

Price: Its Germany so prices are cheap… For Bremen this place is a little bit more expensive then the other Bars in the area… But the drinks are better so its worth it. You can always switch to beer after one or two cocktails which is good and cheap.

Do: Smoke… Its a small place so you are allowed to smoke inside… If you’re a non smoker don’t let it bother you… They have a very good ventilation system so you can still breath normally unless the place gets too crowded of course…

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