Tapas in Nice

Nice tapas

Where: France: Nice: Apero Bar/Restaurant: Quai des Etats-Unis (beachfront)

When: All year… They have heaters when its cold and awnings when it rains.

Drink: Everything! From coffie to cocktails… Try the pamplemousse mojito if you want to experiment.

Eat: Tapas! They have a small but delicious selection. But don’t expect a huge meal (unless you order everything of course)…

Price: I don’t think its possible to find a cheap place in the Cote d’Azur (unfortunately)… However if you stick with only a couple of tapas and don’t chose the Champagne or the Cocktails you will pay a good price (4 tapas and 4 drinks for about 40 Euros).

My Tip: If the balconys upstairs are full leave and try again later… This place loses most of its charm if you can’t sit there.

Do: Lots and lots of people watching… You have a great view of the promenade and the ocean…!

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