Cocktails and Cupcakes in Lisbon

lisbon cupcake bar

Where: Portugal: Lisbon: Bairro Alto: Cupcake Bar

When: All year around… In the evening

Drink: The area is the paradise for Cocktails of all kinds… you will find them “to go” in huge plastic cups everywhere… If you’re tired of standing outside or if it starts raining you can find many bars to sit (or stand) inside… The Cupcake Bar is particularly cosy and you can have a little break and relax from the party and live musik… Also they do a pretty good Mojito.

Eat: Cupcakes and Cocktails? Yes its a match… Think out of the box and chose out of a large number of different cupcakes. It helps definitely to get you trough the night as it fills you up and its the perfect in between snack…

Price: One of the reasons I love Portugal is cause its very very cheap… Obviously the places outside that sell Cocktails “to go” are cheaper (you can get a big Cocktail for 5 Euros) but its always nice to explore the bars… However don’t forget to tip the waitors.

My tip: Upgrade your drink… When I was younger I didn’t really care about the quality of my drinks… However now (as I am older and the hangovers are worse) I always ask what brand they put into Cocktails… Especially with Mojito, Caipirinha and other strong ones the taste and quality is important… So ask for a Mojito with Havanna, Bacardi or another equal spirit and you wont regret it. You might pay 2-3 Euros more but your future self will thank you the next morning.

Do: Bar hopping… The Cupcake Bar is great, however the area has such a vivid nightlife you wouldn’t want to stick in just one place… Buy a drink to go on the street and find the next bar you like or just stand outside and enjoy the atmosphere like many people do.

lisbon tram

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