Go back in time in Marburg

Where: Germany: Marburg: Old town

When: Anytime between Mai and October… It can be very rainy in the winter months. Or if you’re a fan of the cold try the Christmasmarket time (opens every year around 1. December). Its just magical with all the lights and little shops.

10 oktober

Drink: Locals say that Marburg has the highest amount of Bars in Germany (in relation to size and people) after Berlin… I don’t know if thats actually true, but you will definitely find one bar next to another all over the old town… If you want to feel like a true local try the “Apfelwein” (a type of apple wine like cider). You can get it big (half a liter) or small (0,3 liter) and drink it pure, “sauer” (with sparkling water), “süß” (with Fanta or Sprite) or with Coke. But be warned its definitely not for everyone…

Get there: There are plenty of train connections and busses that will get you there… Its about 1,5 hours away from Frankfurt.


Price: Its a student town and not very touristy so prices are very cheap. But beware, September is the month when all new students try desperatly to find a place to live so many hotels will be booked out…

Do: If you like medieval looking towns this is the place for you… You will feel like you traveled back in time climbing all those stairs up and down in old town exploring the little roads and beautiful preserved houses… Even the Grimm brothers used to live there for a little while and you can visit their old appartment (although just from the outside since its still inhabited). If you are lazy you can take the public elevator up to the old part of town… Yes there is indeed an elevator cause its a long way up…

walking down...

My tip: You like hiking? Step into Goethe’s footprints and explore the beautiful “Lahnwanderweg” following the “Lahn River” that passes Marburg… The entire walk is 288 Kilometers long (needs around 2-3 weeks)  but you can always just do a day hike….





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