Lebanese food in Antibes

libanese antibes

Where: France: Antibes: “Le Phenicia”: 1 Avenue Barquier

When: All year around.

Drink: If you don’t want to drink alcohol, they have a delicious frozen mint Icetea. Have it before your food arrives or as a dessert. Wine is also a good option as they have a large selection.


Eat: They have a big selection of small dishes for every taste. Mix hot and cold ones for more variety. Every plate is well explained on the menu so you can chose what you like. Hommus is always a must always but my favourite dish is the “Sambussek” (Lamb mince in pastry)

Price: Very good for what you’re getting and compared to Cote d’Azur Prices I would call it even cheap. Two people get very very full eating 5 dishes…

My tipShare! Why get your own dish if you can share more with others. Just put everything in the middle and mix it up. But don’t get into a fight when it comes to who gets the last piece…

Do: Go there as a vegetarian. France can be very tough for people who don’t eat meat or fish. In Le Phenicia you will find multiple vegetarian choises for you so you don’t miss out…

antibes lebanese

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