Sunset drinks in Capetown

Where: South Africa: Capetown: Clifton: “Bungalows”: 3 Victoria Road

When: In the warmer months on a sunny day… Can be anytime between Oktober and Mai.

Drink: They have something for everyone… A nice selection of wines, but also beers, cider  and champagne. I really enjoyed the cocktails, they have many of them and they’re well made. Also they don’t put cheap spirits in them, which makes them taste better. As the weather was hot I sticked with the different types of frozen daiquiris and wasn’t dissapointed. Try the banana & coconut one…


Eat: They do have a large food menu if you’re hungry but you can also just have drinks if you’re not … I wasn’t so I can’t really judge the food. But the Burgers did look delicious!

Price: The place is in Clifton so its more expensive then other bars in different areas of Capetown. However I think the price matches the quality… You pay between 55-70 Rand for a Cocktail (4-5 Euro, 5-6 USD).

My tip: Sit in the front part of the bar. It has the best view on the ocean and you can sit on huge comfortable sofas… If you want to party you can still move across the road to the main part of the bar later on.

Do: Go for the sunset! Its one of the nicer ones in Capetown… But go there on time to secure a sofa and watch out for other tourists who will try to block your view with their huge cameras when the time comes…



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