Greek Snacks in the heart of Athens


Where: Greece: Athens: Plaka: “Υασεμί (Yasemi)”: 23 Mnisikleous

When: Open all year around its a lovely place inside and outside… However since I just love the atmosphere outside I would go in spring or autumm, or if you’re resistent to the heat go on a summers evening.

Drink: Wine in the evenings. If you go there during the day try the cold coffie “frappe” like a true local. Order it “sketo”, “metrio” or “glyko” (no sugar, a lil sugar or sweet) and “me gala” if you want to add milk into it…

Eat: They have a variety of delicious greek snacks and small dishes… I especially love the pies. Try the “Yaourtopita (yoghurt pie)” or go classic with the cheese one (tyropita). If you love lentils as much as I do have the lentil-salad (salata fakies). Want something sweet? They bake different cakes every day that look and taste amazing… Everything is freshly made, you can see the cook bringing different hot cakes and pies from the kitchen! Also there is a large variety for vegetarians since pies and salads rarely contain meat in Greece.

Price: I would say middle range for Athens… Most snack dishes cost 5 Euro each, for cakes the prices are different.

My tip: If you don’t find a seat be patient and don’t go to the other places on that street. Yasemi is really unique and beatifully decorated… Some other restaurants have people in front of the door trying to talk to you and get you in, very loud touristy live music and cheap cheap food… Personnaly I really prefer not having a waitor over my head trying to sell to me as much as possible and trying to get me out quick as soon as I’m done to make more money… In Yasemi  they are fine with you sitting there with just one coffie or a glass of wine and not ordering more.

Do: Before you order your food have a look inside… They have a big table next to the door with the freshly made pies and cakes of the day so if you don’t understand the menu you can just look and order…

athens yasemi


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