The breathtaking Fjords of Norway


Where: Norway: Hardangerfjord, Naeroyfjord, Aurlandsfjord

When: If you want to do activities like hiking you should go between mid June and August. I was there end of June and still saw a lot of snow at my hikes up the mountains…


Get there: If you don’t have your own car, there are many possibilities. There are special round trip programs (Norway on a shoestring) etc. that take you to different Fjords with train and busses. Also you can go from place to place by boat.

Price: Doing hikes is for free… but everything else is very very expensive (like everything in Norway)

DSC_3623     DSC_3676

Do: Camp if you can. In Norway you are allowed to camp in Nature anywhere you want… However unfortunately that does not work if you have a car cause you wont be allowed to park anywhere. But if you feel active you can get around with bikes or even better rent kajaks and drive on the Fjords.

My tip: Pack winter clothes… The local people will walk around in T-shirts and shorts and go for a swim when its cloudy and only 12 degrees… But if you’re not one of them (and you’re not from Canada) you will be very cold all the time… Even in summer…At least I was.


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Zadar: Lady in half…


Croatia: Zadar: July 2015

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The colourful Beach Bars of Bali


Where: Indonesia: Bali: Seminyak Beach

When: It is hot all year around… if you want many many many people go in season (from December till April). If you like it a little bit quieter (still not very quiet) go October or November…


Price: I have to admit, for Bali it is very very expensive… However for Europeans, Australians, Americans etc. the prices are normal.

Drink: They do very good and delicious cocktails!


Do: Have a little snack… Or rent a surfboard for one hour and hit the waves really quickly. They are good for beginners…

My tip: Go there before sunset time…. After a certain hour it gets very very full and it will be difficult to find a free table to sit at (even at low season)…


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The old town of Split


Where: Croatia: Split: Old Town

When:  I would say June or September… Not too many people but warm


Get there: If you’re staying outside the city center take a bus… Otherwise you can just walk to it…

Price: Its free being there… But getting food or drinks can be expensive.


Do: Not miss the markets around the city walls! Lovely to see and you can also get cheap fruits, veg or even clothes….

My tip: Wake up early… The masses of people can get annoying… and taking pictures without anyone in it is gonna be very difficult.




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The amazing lakes of New Zealand

New Zealand lakes

Where: New Zealand: Taupo, Wanaka, Queenstown (amongst others)

When: During spring or summer. New Zealand is definitely colder than most people expect. Even in January and February the temperature can drop under 20C.

New Zealand Wanaka   IMG_3767

Price: I would say New Zealand is in the middle. Not as expensive as Australia, but not as cheap as one could travel in Thailand or Indonesia.


Get there: You definitely need a car to get to the most beautiful places. If you don’t want to drive you can try one of the hop on hop off bus company. They drive you everywhere and have many popular stops you can choose from.

IMG_3944   IMG_3810

Do: Have a wetsuit. Some lakes are glacier lakes and the water is freezing cold even in summer. So if you want to swim I suggest you’ll get a wetsuit to last longer in the water.


My tip: Beware of the ducks. They are vicious and definitely not afraid of you. I did the mistake and sat down with a sandwich… And it was gone immediately. So if you want to eat stay away from them. Unless you want to feed them, then go ahead.

New Zealand

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The beautiful Acropolis in Athens

AcropolisWhere: Greece: Athens: Acropolis

When: Anytime unless its raining or too hot. In summer time try to go as early as possible so you’re not in the full heat during midday.

DSC_5050Price: There is an entrance fee for the Parthenon as well as the Acropolis museum. But also some parts you can walk for free. If you are a student it is completely for free no matter which country you’re studying in.


DSC_4943Do: Definitely visit the Acropolis Museum. It is amazing and has also a cafe with view on the Acropolis. But the best part for me is the old city underneath the museum. You can still see the houses and shapes of the streets of ancient Athens. So far you couldn’t do a tour there but sometime in spring of 2015 they want to open it for the public. I’m very much looking forward for that on my next Athens trip.

DSC_4855My tip: Spend some time in the park below the Acropolis. There is a big stone you can get on and have a nice view over the city. Have a nice break there instead of going to the overpriced cafes of the area.

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Melbourne: Street Couch



Melbourne: December 2009 

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Wine and Cinema in Bremen

handybilder 2594   handybilder 2595Where: Germany: Bremen: “Schauburg” Cinema: Vor dem Steintor 114

When: Anytime you want to watch a movie… Or just want to have a drink. This Cinema is also a very nice and cosy Bar. You can sit outside or upstairs both ways you’ll have a great view of the street.

Price: They have wine in every price category for you to choose. The other drinks are quite cheap. For movies they have the regular prices.

Drink: They have a large wine list so I would suggest that. If you want to go alcohol free then have a “Fritz Cola”, a local version of Coca Cola.

handybilder 2593Do: Explore the area. You are at the most alternative (some would say cool) part of the city. Find little shops and other interesting Bars and Restaurants. There is so much to see.

My tip: The sneak preview. It’s every Monday. You pay a reduced price but you don’t know what movie you’re going to see. It can be so much fun, even if the movie isn’t that great people will still have fun. However its wise to make a reservation for that since it gets booked out pretty quick. You’ll have to be there earlier to pick up the tickets but the bar is so nice you will go early to have a drink anyway.

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Athens Streetart

IMG_0435Athens August 2010

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The stunning beaches of Lagos

Lagos BeachesWhere: Portugal: Algarve: Lagos: Coastal Walk

When: I would say between Mai and September. However you might be even lucky in April. I was there at that time and even had a swim in the ocean (although the water was still very cold).

DSC_8664Price: All the beaches are free. Lagos itself is cheap compared to other European holiday Places, but prices will go up during high season.

DSC_8707Get there: When you are in Lagos you can choose the beaches on both sides from the city. I would recommend going right (facing the ocean). There is a little walkway on the coast that gets you to so many different beautiful beaches. You can get maps at most hostels and hotels.

DSC_8702Do: Walk everywhere. I don’t even know if all beaches are accessible with car (some definitely are). I really enjoyed walking from beach to beach discovering different routes to get there. At some point (if you walk far enough) the ocean changes from Mediterranean looking to more of an Atlantic style (I actually don’t think it is the Atlantic yet but the two oceans meet at some point close by). There you can take a surf lesson if you like since the waves are bigger.

DSC_8719My tip: Bring lots of water and maybe some food with you. There are beach bars at some of the beaches but not all of them and you will get hot during walking. Also wear sunscreen and a hat since you will be exposed to sunlight for most of the time.


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